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Interview Composition video

I made a video for class giving 5 helpful tips on video composition.

Vocabulary Video

We were given a camera and tripod in class to get are career as film makers in action. Our professor also gave us a vocabulary list of shots that we had to make a video out of in order get our feet wet. I still have a few things to figure out and need tons of practice but I enjoyed the test drive.

Making videos ( live blogging)

180 degree rule- draw an imaginary line in-between two characters and keeping an 180 degree angle. Why is the 180 degree rule important? - It helps the film film be seen in a better perspective which helps it look more realistic. Interviewing Tip 1- Do your homework Tip 2-  Don't wing it, be prepared (Write questions down) Tip 3- Ask questions that will start conversation and then ask leading questions to follow. Tip 4- Make sure the subject looks at you not the lens Shooting B-roll Plan the movements set camera to 120 pick pre playlist have an energetic intro Add things like editing to the beat, slow- mo's, etc. Interview tips 2 Tip 1- Diffuse your light source Tip 2-  composition and framing: nose room you want to leave more space in front of a persons nose Tip 3- make sure the subject doesn't have space on top of their head Tip 4 -Make sure you have a good background.

Kehlani- Honey Remake

I made a short remake of Kehlani's song "Honey" using pictures from visual hunt and short video clips from

My Country

 I made a short video with a quick glimpse of Haiti. I am not originally from Haiti but my parents are and though the country is not perfect, I am completely in love with my culture!

Spongebob Animoji

Hey! Made a video for class, hope you guys enjoy!